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How to Care for an Unused Car

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Whether you’re a remote worker or someone who’s taking time off from driving to the office due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you may not be driving your car as much as you used to. A vehicle that sits for a long time in your driveway or a garage can deteriorate or preform poorly the next time you take it out unless you take care of it. To ensure that your Nissan is in excellent condition the next time you need it, it’s important to check it’s fluids and take it for small drives around Delray Beach and Boca Raton. Learn more tips for taking care of an unused car with HGreg Nissan Delray below, then contact us if you have any questions about how to care for your Nissan!

Nissan Car Care in 5 Steps

If your vehicle sits in your Greenacres driveway or garage for a long time, it’s more likely to develop engine issues as components deteriorate and fluids remain stagnant. To ensure that your Nissan Titan or Nissan Sentra remains in good condition, it’s important to perform general checks and maintenance. HGreg Nissan Delray has created a list of five easy steps you can take to make sure your Nissan is able to perform as intended the next time you get on the road.

  • Keep Your Battery Charged: As you drive around Boyton Beach, the alternator in your car charges the battery. If your vehicle hasn’t been driven in a while, the charge in the battery will dissipate and may drain completely. You can easily fix this by letting your car run for 10 minutes every few days in your driveway or you can take it for a short drive around Delray Beach. If you plan on being home for an extended period of time, then you may want to invest in a trickle charger or a battery tender. These devices are plugged into an outlet and are connected to your battery to maintain its charge.
  • Check Engine Fluids: If your vehicle has been sitting for a long time, the fluids in the engine will become stagnant and may separate since they’re not being mixed as you drive. It’s recommended that you check your fluids once a month in general, but if your vehicle has sat unused in your driveway for a couple weeks, you should check the fluid levels before you run an errand or go for a long drive. If you need more oil, transmission fluid, or even wiper fluid, you can order it from the HGreg Nissan Delray parts center and have it shipped to your door!
  • Check Your Tire Pressure: Keeping your tires in good condition is essential to your safety on Greenacres roads. If your vehicle has been sitting unused for a while, check your tire pressure before you go out to ensure that they’re inflated to the proper levels. Tires that have been deflated for a long time can form flat spots, which will compromise the integrity of your tires. If you notice an issue with your tires, you can order new tires from HGreg Nissan Delray!
  • Take a Short Drive: Short drives around the neighborhood are great for your health and the health of your Nissan. Not only will a 10-20 minute drive keep your battery charged, but it will also allow the fluids to run through your engine and ensure none of your connections or hoses dry out. Plus, small drives will ensure that rust doesn’t build up on your brake pads or rotors and that your tires won’t get flat spots.
  • Wash Your Vehicle: Washing your vehicle or taking it through a car wash will prevent dirt, leaves, or mud from staining your paint, and it will prevent rust from forming. If you’re washing your vehicle from home we recommend using soap that’s designed for washing cars and a soft rag or sponge that’s graded for the paint on your vehicle. If you’re planning to stay at home for a while, then you may want to invest in a car cover to keep your car clean.

Have Your Vehicle Serviced at HGreg Nissan Delray!

Keeping your car in optimal condition while you stay at home is easy when you follow our care tips above. However, our service team is here to help you with your Nissan service needs – like how to unlock a steering wheel! Schedule an appointment online for a contact-less service appointment and browse our service specials to save on your Nissan maintenance. Whether you’re at home or on the go, HGreg Nissan Delray is here to help you keep your Nissan in it’s best condition.

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