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Engine Air Filter Replacement

Engine Air Filter Replacement

The air entering your engine moves through the air filter first. The engine air filter is responsible for catching sand, dust, and other debris. This protects the engine and extends its life. Engine air filter replacement is needed every 15K to 30K miles; however, this may differ based on specific driving conditions. For example, if you drive on unpaved roads often or have a turbocharged engine, a more frequent replacement is recommended. If you have a vehicle you don’t drive often in Delray Beach, replacing the air filter every three years is recommended. As it gets older, it becomes brittle and may begin to fall apart, causing damage to the engine. At HGreg Nissan Delray in Delray Beach, FL we can inspect your engine air filter and replace it if needed.

Understanding the Engine Air Filter Design

Regardless of if you purchase a Nissan engine air filter or another brand, they all have the same basic design. It is made of pleated paper-like material. This material is installed inside the air filter box in your vehicle. Once installed, the air will flow from the bottom and move upward. This means that dirt and larger debris are trapped inside the box, beneath the filter. As your filter becomes dirty, it will begin to clog. As more and more dirt and dust accumulate, it restricts the air flowing into your vehicle’s engine. Over time, this will cause more strain to the engine and make it more difficult for it to “breathe.” At this point, the suction increases, which means that some dirt and dust particles may be sucked through the filter. If this happens, the particles can begin to scratch the cylinder walls and engine pistons. For the same reason, your engine may begin to consume more oil, too.

Symptoms of a Dirty Engine Air Filter

There are several symptoms you will notice if the engine air filter is dirty or clogged. Some of these include a lack of power when you accelerate or higher RPMs. Unfortunately, these issues are not always noticeable. Another common problem is your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. It can fall, but usually, this is subtle, too. In severe situations, your “check engine” light may come on.

Care and Maintenance for Your Engine Air Filter with HGreg Nissan Delray

Your engine air filter will be inspected and changed (if needed) when you have your vehicle’s oil changed. Your mechanic can inspect the filter and let you know what should be done. Some mechanics will determine the quality of your filter by shining a light through it. If no light can be seen on the other side, the filter should be replaced. If you want to check the Nissan engine air filter on your own, your owner’s manual has instructions on doing this. However, it is recommended that you let an expert from HGreg Nissan Delray in Delray Beach, FL to handle this to ensure the filter can continue doing its job.

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