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A/C Service

Air Conditioning (A/C) Service at HGreg Nissan of Delray Beach, FL

When it gets hot outside, there are few accessories as comforting as a strong air conditioning system. As a closed system, even the smallest leak will allow precious refrigerant to escape. No matter what the cause of a poorly performing air conditioning system, we can get to the heart of the problem with an A/C service by a certified technician guaranteed to restore cool air production to specifications. You never have to drive in a hot, muggy cabin when you have HGreg Nissan of Delray Beach on your side, ready to perform an A/C service.

A/C Service

Automotive Air Conditioning 101

Air conditioning systems use the same basic technology to cool hot air with a compressor, refrigerant, and electricity, including the automotive A/C system. This system needs to remain closed and pressurized with refrigerant to successfully cool hot air. The #1 culprit for a poorly performing air conditioning unit is if the refrigerant has leaked. Fixing this problem usually includes an A/C performance check, repairs as needed to damaged components, and then recharging the refrigerant to specifications.



What are the Warning Signs of Defective Air Conditioning?

As you might imagine, the telltale sign of defective air conditioning is the lack of cold air. Suppose your Nissan has hotter than usual air blowing out the vents with the air conditioning on the coldest setting. In that case, you will need to bring your vehicle to HGreg Nissan of Delray Beach for a performance inspection and A/C recharge service to fix the problem.

A/C Performance Check

Although the hot air blowing out of the vents is surely excellent evidence of needing service, we always verify the problem with an A/C performance check whereby a certified technician measures the air temperature coming out of the vents against a factory performance chart that considers the ambient air temperature. If the system is not cooling ambient air to specifications, we will then need to complete a full A/C service that includes repairs as needed and installing fresh refrigerant.

A/C Recharge Service

When your Nissan is not producing sufficient cool air, we will mount the air conditioning unit to a specialized A/C service station that pressurizes the system. A certified technician from our service department will inspect the compressor, lines, and connections for refrigerant leaks. We will complete repairs as needed to close the system before installing Nissan authorized refrigerant to specifications.

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